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4 Tips for Working at Home

With the state of the nation right now, many of us may be transitioning to working at home. I have had the benefit of being able to work from home for a few years now and have found some ways that help me increase productivity and my overall mental health while spending so much time at home. Everyone is different, but its all about getting in the right frame of mind to get the most out of your day.

Get up and get ready as if you’re going to the office.

I often talk to people who work from home and they work in their pajamas or sleep in because they don’t have to commute. I feel the opposite. I can get started on my day earlier because I don’t have to commute. I still get up and get ready as if I were leaving the house. This helps me feel fresh and ready to get at it.

Work in a clean and de-cluttered space

For me to get the most out of my day, I need to work in a clean and de-cluttered space. If the space I use has gotten cluttered over the weekend or throughout the day, I will usually spend a few minutes before bed tidying up my space so it is ready to go first thing in the morning.

Exercise break

My favorite thing to do when I work from home is exercise. Whether or not I am at the office, I often eat lunch while I am working. So when I am home, I take a lunch break to get a quick workout in. It increases my energy and endorphins. This also really helps my overall mental state and happiness – which can become really important over the next several weeks while we are “hunkering down.” Another great way to get in some exercise is to go for a walk when you are on a conference call. If you have a call that you don’t need to be near a computer for, get some fresh air and go for a walk!

Talk to people – GET OUTSIDE

I try to talk to at least one work-related person per day. In my role, I often get to talk to several people, not just one. Many are not so lucky. Take a break and call up a co-worker or a client that you have been meaning to call. Step away from your desk and stretch. Go outside on your porch or patio to have the conversation – the change of scenery can do wonders!


You can actually use many of these into your every day life, even when you go to the office. Whether or not you are going to the office over the next several weeks, Online Computing is here for you. With our cloud ERP option, you can get work done from home, boat, RV -- or anywhere you are! Wherever that may be, stay safe and healthy!

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