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Always Busy Avoiding Productivity

Are you always extremely busy at work but you still feel like you get nothing done? I was talking with a friend recently and she started saying that there is no time for finding new prospects because she is too busy with proposals, internal meetings, etc. In that same conversation, she admitted that sometimes she feels like she does the other tasks first, because cold calling is her least favorite thing to do. Sound familiar?

We all do it. Maybe you are avoiding a presentation, market review, one on one's, networking, financial analysis, or a complicated project. No matter your role, at some point you will probably have so many tasks to keep you "busy" in order to not be able to do that one task that you really need to do. Here are some tips I have found and helped me increase my own productivity.

Be Aware

Self-awareness is the first step in achieving productivity. My friend realized that she was finding other ways to be busy and she didn't make time for the one thing that her business really needs. Since she was aware of this, she can now take steps to fix it!

Make Time

If you have something in your business that needs to get done but you can't seem to fit it in, schedule the time to do it. Put it in your calendar. Put it in your staff's calendar's so they know you are busy during that time. That time block is an appointment that you can't miss. Use that time to dedicate to what you need to get done.

Schedule it Early

Not only do I schedule tasks that I would tend to avoid on my calendar, but I schedule them early in the day. The longer the day goes on, the easier it is for me to get distracted by other projects, meetings, etc. Get them done early!

Go For a Walk

If I am trying to get a task done and I can't get in the mindset, I go for a walk. I like to grab a drink and greet my Online Computing co-workers! So, take a quick break in between what you were doing and what you need to do. Go for a walk down the hall and grab a coffee or water. Say "Hi" to a co-worker. When you get back to your desk you will feel a little refreshed and be ready to get at it.

Listen to Music

You went for a walk and you still can't get started? I often find myself feeling scatterbrained and worried about too many external factors. This leads me to avoiding the task because I just can't focus. When this happens I put on a really good playlist. Similarly to working out, I have found that a great playlist can really get me to focus and get me in a good groove.

When I get just an hour of good solid productivity in on something I have been avoiding, I feel so much better about my day and really ready to take on the rest of it!

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