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MasterTools provides comprehensive accounting and financial analysis. With MasterTools, your Accounting Department is always up-to-date with real-time access to every aspect of the business process as it happens. 

Online Computing is not an accounting firm, but our clients trust us like accountants. Our MasterTools Software provides our customers with the accounting tools they need to grow their business. We have a long history of meeting the accounting needs of many different companies in multiple industries, and our implementation team will be able to use this experience to suggest improvements and alternatives to your current accounting process. In addition, our software is customizable, which will allow it to be adapted to your specific accounting needs both currently and in the future as your needs change. You can rely on MasterTools to take you into the future on a path that keeps your company ahead of the curve.

General Ledger

Fixed Assets

Time & Attendance

Accounts Payable

Human Resources

Sales Tax Database

Accounts Receivable

Cash Management

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