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Delivery Methods

There a few ways that Online Computing can provide your software. We can provide you with our traditional model, which is where software is installed at your location, on a server. The second way that we can deliver software is to host it on our servers and provide you the software via a secure VPN Connection. You may also opt for a full cloud solution where we host the software and provide it as a service (Software as a Service).  

Premise-based systems are a more traditional way of implementing an ERP solution, but have recently become an option that fewer companies are choosing. Software that is installed on site can be viewed by some as more reliable and secure. You have complete control over your hardware and data.  


Premise-based systems are typically associated with a larger price tag up front. In addition to the software licenses, if you don’t already have a network infrastructure set up, you would also need to purchase a server and any additional associated equipment. 


Hosted solutions are the clear opposite of on premise solutions. With a hosted solution, the software is hosted by the vendor and therefore loaded on the vendor server. In many cases, this can alleviate on site IT requirements, such as providing your own server, maintenance updates, and backups. With our hosted solution, you would simply login to your MasterTools software via a web browser and a secure VPN connection.


At Online Computing, one of our differentiators is that we offer to host your software on our servers but you still own the software. This is an option that most other software providers do not offer. This is a great benefit for lower Total Cost of Ownership without the need to obtain your own hardware on-site.   


Full cloud solutions are a great option for companies that do not have a central facility, work completely virtual, or are looking for a lower capital expenditure. 


Our full cloud solution is still hosted at Online Computing, but you do not need to purchase the software or have a VPN configuration. This solution allows you to login to MasterTools via any web browser, increasing your flexibility and mobility. 


With our full cloud service, you don’t actually purchase MasterTools licenses. Instead you use the software as part of a paid service – also known as Software-as-a-Service. Since a purchase is not being made, you also eliminate a large capital expenditure, having the ability to now pay for a service over a length of time. 

Full Cloud

Which environment best suits your needs?

When deciding on the best option consider cost, security, control of configuration and flexibility. A traditional server allows you more control, but also more responsibility.  Hosting service allows you a lower cost of ownership without requiring the responsibility of maintaining your own hardware. You may choose the cloud model if you are looking to free up financial and IT resources. 


You will find that whichever environment you choose, Online Computing is available to assist with software installation, troubleshooting, software updates, and support. 

We can help you decide on the best option for your company. 

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