At Online Computing we built our business on serving our clients. The level at which we provide service varies from client to client. In addition to in-house training, implementation, and ongoing support we can also add value by assisting you in sourcing other IT resources. 


For our client’s who are looking for a cloud solution, we offer to host the software on our server. This eliminates the need for enhanced IT support for the company.  


For our clients who choose an on-premise solution, we offer to source and manage the server if they are not already doing so.  

Data Backup

We offer data backup to all of our clients. For those clients who chose an on-premise solution, the backup would be held offsite at Online Computing and a redundant site.   


Timelines for integration can vary based upon what systems are currently being used and how much data will need to be migrated.  


We have several different options to complete training, which is offered at implementation as well as ongoing. You can choose to have as much or as little training as desired.  

On-Going Support

Post-training and implementation, we are still here for you! You can reach out to us for any questions, issues, or suggestions you may have.  

Let us show you what MasterTools has to offer.

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