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Once you have determined to move forward with MasterTools ERP, we will begin the implementation process. Implementation falls into five stages. 

Initial stages of implementation. We utilize this stage to determine what modules you will be using and the specific functionality that you will need. We will determine what your user groups will be. During this stage we will also send out a survey and task list that will help us in building your system. 



Configure, Import. & Build. The survey and tasks that were requested initially are then used to build your system. During the build stage we are configuring your users, importing your master files, setting software parameters and formatting forms. 



Extensive training. During this stage we train your team The team is working on your system and will contribute to a portion of the build. Learn More about Training



Go Live with MasterTools. Prior to this day we will provide a checklist that needs to be completed in your current system to ensure all of your ledgers and financials match up to the new system. On the day that you go-live with MasterTools, we recommend having on-site support from Online Computing. 



Following MasterTools deployment, we will continue to provide unlimited on-going support. You may request additional training or on-site support. Learn More about Training



Find out how implementing MasterTools could help your organization!

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