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Training is often an afterthought and not taken seriously enough. Unfortunately, that can be detrimental to the success of your ERP and satisfaction of your users. The good news is that similarly to our software, our training programs are also flexible. 


All organizations are different – size, users, technological savviness. In addition to those elements, how many modules and what modules you will be using are also factors in determining how much training is needed and how it should be delivered. 

To complete training in a quick and effective manner, we offer three methods of training:
Image by Ruchindra Gunasekara


We come to your company and train your staff on-site. 

classroom training_png.png


Instructor-led, classroom training completed at Online Computing. 

online training_png.png


We offer webinars for some quick training refreshers and on-going training. 

To make the best use of training time, we separate the training into two main segments: Set-Up and Transactions. We also typically break down training by your specified user groups or functions. 


For more information on building a successful training plan, read our blog post on Guidelines to Ensure Effective ERP Training.

Let us show you what MasterTools has to offer.

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