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MasterTools ERP Software Scalability Helps Grow Multinational Company

In celebration of our 50th anniversary, we’re talking to some of our most loyal customers and shining the spotlight on them. After all, it’s their success that has made our success possible. Last week, we chatted with Jim Dupont, owner of Lake Charles, Louisiana-based Rosenberger Site Solutions, and the company’s accounting manager, Roxanne Sonnier.

Since its founding in 2007, the company has distributed thousands of telecommunications infrastructure products to large communication contractors across the United States and Canada. We talked to them about the company’s growth amid the explosion of wireless communication and where MasterTools fits into that growth story.

The search for a local partner

When Dupont founded the company, he knew what he didn’t want—an ERP system that would route his questions to an offshore call center. “I had been there and done that, and we were always up against a communication barrier,” he says. “I liked that MasterTools was local. They pick up their own phone and they can come see us whenever they like— we’re just a quick plane ride away.”

Keeping pace with strong growth

Since the company’s founding just over a decade ago, Rosenberger Site Solutions has quadrupled in size. A lot of that has to do with the massive growth of the wireless communications industry—the demand for cell tower components continues to rise. But Dupont says his company couldn’t have kept up with that demand if not for MasterTools.


“It wouldn’t have happened without the power of the software and workmanship of the team behind it,” he says. “As we’ve grown from two locations to nine, including two in Canada, the software has kept pace.”


Customized for their needs

Sonnier appreciates the flexibility that MasterTools provides. “It’s a robust tool on its own, but it’s also so responsive to our specific needs,” she says.

For example, the companies put their heads together and realized order entry was too tedious a process. “We have one client who will send us an order that will be a spreadsheet with 60 to 100 lines on it,” Sonnier says. “Not only does that take time to enter all that data, there’s always a chance for human error. One wrong keystroke and the order is wrong, too.”

To address this, Online Computing created an automated process for order entry. A query now “reads” the lines and automatically populates the sales order in MasterTools. It saves time and eliminates the possibility of mistakes.


Another example is a Rosenberger Site Solution client that has very specific labeling requirements. “MasterTools helped design the labels, and helped us pinpoint exactly where the data should pull from and figured out how to pull it,” she says.


“No matter how crazy the challenge may be, they always come through.”

Customer service makes a difference

Rosenberger Site Solutions’ corporate mission includes phrases like “conform to our customer specifications,” “completed in a cost-effective manner” and “on-time delivery,” and those promises are easier to deliver on because of MasterTools, Dupont says.

“They have a quick response, attention to detail and are committed to getting our system to where it needs to be,” he says.

“They help us carry out our corporate mission every day.”

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